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Board Content

At Tutor Mate, our faculty has been teaching in ICSE/CBSE schools for several years, and also corrects board papers. This means that matter taught to you is exactly what you need, and will be fine-tuned in a way that will help you ace your exam!

  1. Experienced faculty that corrects board papers
  2. Learn only what’s required
  3. Content fine-tuned to help ace your exam

Video Lectures

Theory gets tedious and there’s only a certain amount of time one can concentrate on reading notes. This is why Tutor Mate provides you with On-Demand Video Lectures, thereby emphasizing on the audio-visual perspective of learning; all this at the comfort of your home!

  1. On-Demand Video Lectures
  2. Revise as many times as you want
  3. All this at the comfort of your home


With a vast syllabus, there’s plenty of content in each subject text book. However, this can get demotivating. At Tutor Mate, we provide you with just the right notes; all important points covered in detail help reduce the work load and help you study smart!

  1. Just the right amount of notes
  2. All important points covered
  3. Concise

Question & Answer

The perfect last-minute study material, we provide crisp answers to previous board exam questions. Revision has never been so easy and fun!

  1. Perfect last-minute study material
  2. Crisp answers to board exam questions
  3. Revision now easier and fun!

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